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About Us

Dr. Christopher Small BPhed, BEd, DC

Dr. Christopher Small, our Clinic Director and lead Family Wellness Chiropractor, comes to us with a wealth of knowledge, expertise, and experience.

Since graduating from the prestigious Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College with clinical honours, Dr. Small has taken the health and wellness world by storm.

He has created BluePrint: Health, the program for achieving optimal health, he is president of GridIron Medical, serving the injury management needs of countless youth athletes. He has taught, lectured, or presented the principles of health to countless groups of people. From students, health professionals, executives, and everything in between, Dr. Small’s ability to reach and lead an audience is unmatched.

Previous to chiropractic, Dr. Small studied Physical Education and Kinesiology at Brock University, earning an honours degree and receiving the President’s Award for outstanding academic success while participating on the Men’s Varsity Rugby team. Dr. Small’s passion for educating and teaching health values led him to the University of Western Ontario where he completed the Bachelor of Education program followed by a year of teaching Physical Education and Business to students in inner-city London, England.

During his undergraduate and teaching years Dr. Small was extremely active in the health community. He volunteered thousands of hours to coaching and mentoring youth and adolescent athletes in a variety of sports, worked with youth who had physical and mental disabilities at Brock University’s world renowned SNAP Program, he was involved with the inaugural IMPACT Program that provided mentorship to at risk youth in the Niagara Region, among many other health, wellness, and business endeavours.

Dr. Small’s care is as customizable as his patients are unique. He utilizes only the highest quality of Chiropractic technique, mixing the best with the best. Whether he is using hands on, manual adjustments, instrument assisted adjustments, low force, or neurologic tonal techniques, the variety of options available will allow everyone to be comfortable with having their spines checked and as necessary, adjusted, by Dr. Small.

Dr. Small knows that everything you need to live the awesome life you deserve is already inside you.