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Pickering Chiropractor

***Please note that we are continuing to operate under our normal office schedule to see essential and emergency patients, while taking extra precautions to protect you and our team.

We ask that you take the appropriate precautions before visiting our office.

If you are experiencing flu like symptoms or have recently traveled internationally, especially to regions that have been severely impacted, we ask that you not visit our office until you have taken the appropriate time of self isolation.***

At Clarity Chiropractic we promote true health and healing. The secret is; everything you need to be healthy is already inside you. Free of drugs and surgery, we aim to release the healing potential inside every single person we have the privilege to serve. As a Chiropractor in Pickering, this is the premise for everything Dr. Small does.

We are a Family Wellness Chiropractic office, driven by the principles of BluePrint: Health, and we believe that you are designed to be awesome. We know that your life and all of your vitality and healing flows from above-down and inside-out.

We utilize only the highest quality of testing, analysis, and techniques, priding ourselves in providing you and your family the best HEALTHcare possible.

From the day you are born until the day you die, a healthy spine and nervous system are essential if you want to live life at your best. Only Chiropractors are trained to do this and in our Chiropractic office it is our main focus. 

Call or email now to ensure you and your family have the greatest opportunity to live the awesome life you deserve. There is never a fee to discuss your health concerns with one of our Chiropractors.

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